The efforts behind a greener Ohio University

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Every day, students, faculty and staff work to make Ohio University a more climate-friendly place to live and learn.

From the Office of Sustainability(opens in a new window) facilitating the OHIO Sustainability and Climate Action Plan(opens in a new window) to the many colleges leading innovative research efforts, Ohio University is home to an abundance of programs that seek to benefit people and the planet.

Ohio University has been recognized for sustainability initiatives by The Washington Post and Time, plus other national and local media outlets. Read on to learn more about our sustainability impact.

Maintaining renewable facilities

Since 2009, Ohio University has been home to the largest in-vessel compost facility at any higher education institution in the nation(opens in a new window). The Compost Facility allows the University to compost nearly 100 percent of food waste from campus dining halls and the central food facility.

In most dining halls, any leftover food is placed on a conveyor belt which moves it to a Culinary Services employee who separates the contents: food waste, landfill waste and recyclable waste. The food waste is then taken to the facility at The Ridges, where it takes approximately two weeks for material to pass through the system and then takes at least 90 days to cure in long outdoor piles called windrows.

The Compost Facility’s central function and sustainable design elements, including rainwater collection and use, renewable energy, daylighting and heating, enable the facility to be an educational model(opens in a new window) for students, faculty, staff and community members, according to Steve Mack, director of Facilities Management.

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