High-pressure processing is gaining a foothold among Northeast Ohio food producers

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A Northeast Ohio company is primed to meet growing industry demand to help food manufacturers keep their products on shelves longer. It’s using something called high-pressure processing, an advanced means of sealing food products in their final packaging. HPP uses pressures of up to 87,000 PSI, the equivalent of being 27 miles underwater and a full 20 miles deeper than the Mariana Trench.

Twinsburg-based Hydro Pressure + Pack is an offshoot of Innovation Food Services, a former catering business that now provides meals to schools and senior centers.

Innovation Food Services delivers meals to 60 locations throughout Ohio, while providing staff to heat and serve the food. Meal preservation became even more of an emphasis during the COVID-19 pandemic, when schools shuttered their doors and senior centers barred outsiders from entering facilities.

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