‘Fiesta Day’: Westwood Middle School celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with immersive celebration

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ELYRIA, Ohio — While Hispanic Heritage Month comes to an end on Oct. 15, Westwood Middle School in Elyria is making sure the lessons its students learn will leave a lasting impact with a special celebration.

It’s Michelle Nimene’s first year on the job as Assistant Principal at Westwood Middle School. She’s currently the school’s only Latin administrator.

“Building that positive culture is what our district is all about. It’s our initiative this year and what we’re all about,” Nimene said.

Within the last fiscal year, the school has welcomed up to 30% more Latin and Hispanic students. Out of the 500 students enrolled, a fifth of the student population is Hispanic. The growth has made taking on the new role even more meaningful for Niemene. And this year’s first annual “Fiesta Day” was all her idea.

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