Discover the Ohio State Seal: History, Symbolism, and Meaning

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The incredible diversity of Ohio’s landscapes has inspired people throughout the ages, and one of many incredible views is the primary focus of the state’s official seal. But while the rolling fields, rivers, and mountains in the Ohio state seal are beautiful, do they hold any deeper symbolism? In this article, we’ll take a look at the features of the Ohio state seal and look at the history of the design. We’ll also look into the history of the state itself to see how it influenced the development of the seal’s design over time.

The Buckeye State of Ohio sits in the northern portion of the United States and receives its nickname from the prevalence of buckeye trees in the state. The name “Ohio” itself derives from the native Iroquois word Oyo, which names the beautiful river that runs through the state and connects both the Allegheny and the Monongahela to the Mississippi.

Because of its location, the state is very geographically diverse and breaks down pretty neatly into five distinct regions. The largest of these regions is the Appalachian Plateau, whose ancient rolling hills, mountains, and valleys make up the majority of the state’s eastern portion. To the north and west of this region sit both the Till Plains and the Great Lakes Plains, both of which are fertile agricultural centers. Furthest north, the sandy beaches, shoreline dunes, and sheer clay bluffs comprise the Great Erie Shoreline. Finally, at the southernmost point, the state enters the Bluegrass Region, which transitions into incredible rock formations, cliffs, and cave systems.

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