Bike lanes and bump-out and medians, oh my! Changes in progress to make Bexley roads safer for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers

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Bexley is an excellent place to live, with the highest ranking high school in Ohio, the university’s thriving student population, the connected seminary (and law school), a vibrant Main Street arts and culinary presence and a close proximity to Columbus.

The Bexley community has continually reevaluated what the most effective ways are to ensure people are engaged in the community, which includes looking at transportation and activity in the area.

In an effort to prioritize making Bexley better for bicycle riders in the neighborhood, the 2021 Bike Friendly Bexley Plan was developed and has been in the works.

Key recommendations of the plan that are in progress are as follows: creating bike routes with signage, creating a pedestrian and bike bridge south of Main Street, underpasses at Main Street and Livingston Avenue, bike trail maintenance, sharrows and signage on Main Street, opening greets trail events and programs, consider bike lanes for certain streets and encouraging bicycle encouragement and educational programming for safety.

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